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2013 Fashions for Evergreens Competition

The annual Fashions for Evergreens event in southwest Virginia evokes true

holiday spirit and proudly supports the United Way. The event runs from

Thanksgiving Day to New Year's Day and is free and open to the public




FOX 21/27 WFXR Roanoke/WWCW Lynchburg News, Weather

From whimsical and outlandish displays to elegant and traditional designs, visitors of this year’s Fashions for Evergreens, the Christmas tree competition that’s the centerpiece of holiday celebrations at The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center, a DoubleTree by Hilton, will be inspired by the glamorous trees and gather ideas from professional decorators for a truly memorable holiday season.


Now in its 4th year raising monetary donations for The United Way of The Roanoke Valley, Fashions for Evergreens celebrates the holidays with a unique tree competition featuring more than 25 professionally designed trees.

The event runs from Thanksgiving day to New Year’s day and is free and open to the public. 

The public is being asked to vote monetarily for their favorite tree (only U.S. currency and checks accepted) and at the end of the public voting, the tree that raises the most money will declared winner of the People’s Choice Award. All contributions raised will be donated to the United Way. Last year the competition raised more than $5,250 for The United Way of The Roanoke Valley. 

“We are proud to support and partner with the United Way this year," said Gary Walton, general manager of The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center. "With our largest field of competitors, this year’s Fashions for Evergreens is poised to be our best year yet. It’s the season for giving and this event allows the entire community and guests of the Hotel to support a great cause in a fun delightful event."

Fashions for Evergreens is free and open to the public. The competition is on display throughout the Hotel’s operating hours. The trees will also be posted for viewing at after Thanksgiving.


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