As part of our continued commitment to enhance our property and service, our historic property is undergoing a multi-million dollar, multi-phase renovation of all of our guest rooms and suites. During your visit, you may experience construction noise during the hours of 9 a.m.— 7 p.m. The complete renovation project is expected to be complete by November 2024. 

Donation Request

The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center takes great pride in our efforts to support the community in which we live through assisting numerous 501(c)(3) organizations whose initiatives improve the overall quality of life in the Greater Roanoke Valley. The following information is provided to assist you in requesting a donation from The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center. The information serves as a guideline for your planning purposes and each request will receive consideration based upon the policies and procedures established by The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center's Contribution's Review Committee.

Guidelines Are as Follows:

Organizations requesting a donation must submit a request in writing or utilize our on-line application below and include: a contact name, address, phone number, date of the event/auction, tax exempt 501(c)(3) identification, event description, and item(s) requested for donation.

Please submit your requests at least 30 to 45 days in advance. Please note that repeat requests same events/activity from previous year(s) will be considered but does not guarantee assistance as our criteria and emphasis may be different this year. 

Priority is given to requests from organizations that are customers of The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center and support the property through various business relationships. We also prioritize and assist organizations in which our teammates volunteer and support.

Additionally on an annual basis, The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center identifies a variety of causes and platforms that are aligned with the business plan and consideration for donations is given to organizations that support our selected platforms. For 2008, causes important to the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center include: Education, Roanoke Arts and Cultural Events, Youth Programs, and selected Healthcare Programs. 

Our Contributions Review Committee meets monthly to consider and review requests and we welcome your interest.

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